Zylight LED Light Shines In ENG Panama Canal Shoot

The following article was published on TVNewsCheck today:

When KIRO Seattle traveled 4,000 miles for a story about the expansion of the Panama Canal and the potential economic impact on the Seattle area, chief photojournalist Terry Grifin knew he didn’t want to lug around a ton of gear.

So, instead of HMI lights that traditionally weigh upwards to 20 lbs., Griffin KIRO-TV-Panama-F8-JPEGtraveled with the Zylight F8 LED Fresnel light. At 9 lbs., the F8 collapses to less than four inches thick for easy transport and storage — especially for international trips.

“Traveling 4,000 miles hauling gear can be both cumbersome and expensive,” Griffin said in a statement. “A 9 lbs. light in my suitcase versus 20 lbs. light in an additional checked bag saved excess baggage to keep track of, or lose, plus weight and fees.”

Another advantage of the light was power. Most HMI lights are AC-only, and when you’re shooting in the Panama Canal, there aren’t too many power outlets.

“There was zero AC power available to us on the massive canal construction zone for our interview,” Griffin said. “Using my 90-watt Anton/Bauer camera battery to power the F8 at 100 percent gave me an hour and six minutes of beautiful 5600K light. Having to only take one battery type charger for both light and camera was a huge bonus.”

Available in daylight (5600K) or tungsten (3200K), the F8 maintains single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping through an eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens, and offers a patented focusing system for spot and flood operations. With a CRI (color rendering index) of up to 97 or better, the fully dimmable F8 offers and adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees) for even coverage for widescreen productions. Its LED engine with quantum dot technology draws only 95 watts, but has close to the light output of a traditional 1000-watt Fresnel.

View the article here: http://www.tvnewscheck.com/playout/2013/11/zylight-led-light-shines-in-eng-panama-canal-shoot/




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