Vizrt Virtual Presenter Places Talent Among The Action

Check out the following article that was published on TVNewsCheck earlier today about Virtual Presenter, Vizrt’s solution that allows users to place their talent on the field with the players during sports analysis:

Similar to a basketball or football coach hopping onto the field or court during a practice to position players for specific plays, Vizrt is giving on-air broadcast talent an opportunity to show viewers at home how important plays unfold from right in the middle of the action.

The broadcast graphics company unveiled its Virtual Presenter in May on pay TV channel Canal+ in Spain. While analyzing plays from the UEFA Champions League game between FC Bayern and FC Barcelona, Julio Maldonado appeared to be right in the middle of the field. I have no idea what he’s saying.

Virtual Presenter is part of Viz Libero, Vizrt’s sports production solution. Using a pre-produced clip, Viz Engine, the company’s real-time graphics and video solution, takes that clip and combines it live with a greenroom recording of the talent for on-air playout. Camera tracking technology locks onto the talent and keeps the sports scene glued to the field during the entirety of the clip. Think of the live sports action — in this case, a soccer match — as a virtual set design that talent can seamlessly walk around on.

Vizrt shows the workflow in this video:

A Vizrt spokesperson said no U.S. customers are using Virtual Presenter, but I could definitely see ESPN, Fox Sports 1 or any of the major networks that produce live NFL games using it to show everything from run patterns to wide receiver crossing routes.

You can view the article on TVNewsCheck here.


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