WOODBURY, NEW YORK, April 6, 2010 – Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd., a leading provider of affordable, high performance cameras, today announced that Pittsfield Community Television, in Pittsfield, MA, has outfitted its main studio with three new Hitachi Z-HD5000 1080i HDTV cameras to produce public, education and government access programming for viewers in its Western Massachusetts coverage area. 

Pittsfield Community Television produces over 4,000 hours of original programming carried by Time Warner Cable including:  Access Pittsfield, a public access channel; Citylink, a government access channel, and Pittsfield ETV, an educational channel.  Among the programs shot as multi-camera studio productions are “Acoustic Voices,” a showcase of vocal and musical talent; “School for Thought,” an hour-long, interactive teleconference via fiber optic network with area schools; and local coverage of political debates and election news.

“We chose the Hitachi Z-HD5000’s for their excellent picture quality and outstanding price performance,” said Shawn Serre, chief engineer for Pittsfield Community TV.  “After evaluating many brands and models over a two year period, we concluded that the Z-HD5000’s offered the features we needed at a price that fit our budget.  And these cameras enable us to fully realize of goal of moving into HDTV production.”

According to Serre, the Hitachi Z-HD5000 cameras make it very easy for community volunteers to learn how they work very quickly and operate them in a “live to server” production style.  As a not-for–profit company funded in part by a franchise agreement between Time Warner Cable and the City of Pittsfield, Pittsfield Community Television has only seven staff members, and trains community volunteers to assist in the productions. 

As the first Hitachi purchase by Pittsfield Community Television, the Z-HD5000’s were installed in February 2010 as replacements for 10-year old SD-only JVC studio cameras.  In the adjacent production control room, Pittsfield Community Television has completely upgraded its entire workflow to HD including a Ross Synergy 2 MD multi-definition switcher, Avid Deko live graphics system, and Ross Soft Metal HD server. The Hitachi cameras are equipped with optical fiber multi-format CCU’s using SMPTE hybrid fiber cable connections back to the control room, delivering crystal clear pristine HD-SDI video.  Additional programming is produced using a small video truck with its own SD field camera package, as well as fixed, robotic SD cameras at locations such as Pittsfield City Hall.

“Within our studio environment, the Hitachi cameras were the last piece of the HD puzzle that we needed to put into place,” said Serre.  “We’re now capable of producing full 1080i HD quality studio productions.  While we still down-convert our programs to SD, we’re hoping that in the near future, Time Warner Cable will carry our programming in HDTV.  But we’re now ready to deliver HD quality programming to viewers.”

 About Hitachi

Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 400,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2008 (ended March 31, 2009) consolidated revenues totaled 10,000 billion yen ($102.0 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials, logistics and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company’s website at www.hitachi.com.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. designs, manufacturers and markets video cameras, digital transmission, processing and recording devices for the broadcast television, cable, video production, and industrial vision markets. For more information, please call (516) 921-7200 or visit Hitachi’s web site at http://www.hitachikokusai.us .  Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc. (TSE, OSE: 6756), is a Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) group company.

Full versions of all press releases and product images are posted on the web site in the pressroom section: www.hitachikokusai.us


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