Barix Audio over IP Equipment Enables Corporate Music Solutions From ‘Your Brand Your Music’

Online streaming via Barix components is achieving acoustic brand identity in new Strenesse stores

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, March 22, 2010 — Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio transmission, intercom, control and monitoring, is equipping the customers of Your Brand Your Music (YBYM), a music agent for tailored corporate music solutions and background music for brand, with audio over IP components for streaming audio in retail and hospitality environments.

Now Strenesse, a new customer of YBYM, recently installed an IP-based in-store music streaming system using Barix equipment.  A Barix Exstreamer 110 enables selection and playback of different live streams that YBYM has compiled according to time of day and season, and edited for background music in their shops.  The Exstreamer 110 also displays song title and artist information on a 2×16 front LCD-backlit panel.

Barix audio over IP devices are ideally suited for cost-effective and reliable transmission of music from one to many locations.  Live streaming offers the YBYM customer in retail or hospitality the benefit of intervening at any time to adapt the music style to the time of day or to the required mood in the store.  For this, YBYM offers an array of different live stream selections and also individually compiled music selections.

“We work closely with Barix and their German sales partner Sphinx,” said Holger Dietz, one of the two founders and general managers of YBYM.  “With the exception of our specially developed touch screens, we use only Barix products on the hardware side because our customers achieve concrete benefits from audio-over-IP streaming.  We offer 28 different music selections as IP streams which address all possible target groups.  The customer can spontaneously decide which mood the music is to create and simply change the music selection appropriately.  We could not attain this level of flexibility and diversity with dedicated MP3 forwarding, for which the music title must first be loaded onto a server at the customer premises.”

The Barix components also represent a perfect solution in regard to operational reliability.  As a loss-preventing solution in the event of a potential failure of the Internet connection, a USB stick or mini SD card is configured as backup memory at the customer location.  The Barix Exstreamer quickly and automatically switches over to the backup memory as a music source if the internet connection is lost.  This reliably prevents total failure of the music sound system in the store or bar. The device switches back to live streaming as soon as a stable Internet connection is restored.

Strenesse, who opened their store in Berlin on March 12th and who are launching stores in Stuttgart and Munich in the same month, is not the only well-known customer of YBYM.  The reference list, for example, ranges from all Breuninger AG stores to the Grace Lounge in Stuttgart casino, also newly opened.  The latter is the first customer to use a touch panel developed in close cooperation with Barix for YBYM which enables more intuitive and simpler selection of the desired music and its control.

About Barix AG (

Barix AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, has specialised in the research into and development of leading edge IP-based communication and control technologies. Barix products are standalone devices which can be connected decentrally over standard networks or the Internet and which offer new and optimised solutions for professional audio signal transmission, communication and automation. The core competences of Barix are audio-over-IP (propagation and monitoring of audio signals, communication, security), automation (decentralized control, monitoring and maintenance work) and cost-effective, reliable equipment design.

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