Fujinon Provides Bexel with 75 New Lenses for Vancouver Winter Games

WAYNE, N.J., February 22, 2010 – Bexel, a unit of the Vitec Group’s Services Division and a worldwide provider of broadcast services and solutions, invested in 75 new Fujinon lenses for coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Lenses including the Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM HD telephoto lens and the HA13x4.5BERM HD wide angle zoom will be used with Panasonic HD camera equipment to provide captivating coverage of the games.

To help capture every aspect of the production assignment, the Fujinon XA101x8.9BESM HD super telephoto field lens will be hooked up with super slo-mo cameras. Bexel’s choices span the product line, including the ultra wide HA13x4.5BERM, the HA42x9.7BERD, XA72x9.3ESM, and HAS18x7.6BMD lenses.

Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM HD telephoto lens with be used to capture Olympic coverage

These lenses will help capture stunning HD images for many broadcasters at the Winter Games and Bexel already has long-term work scheduled for these lenses after they return from the Vancouver.  

“Fujinon’s high level of service and support, along with the quality and diversity of lenses they offer,  were big factors in our decision to invest  in additional Fujinon lenses for the Winter Games,” said Tom Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer for Bexel. “We’ve been buying Fujinon lenses in recent years and enjoy a solid relationship with them. We’re never disappointed with Fujinon’s high-quality products and optimal service.”

“We are happy with our close relationship with Bexel, that’s been in place for many years,” said Chuck Lee, Technology Manager of Fujinon’s Broadcast and Communications Products Division. “We’re especially proud of this involvement with Bexel at the 2010 Winter Games. We are confident that Bexel’s new lenses will hold in the challenging weather conditions of British Columbia, but if needed, Fujinon’s special repair facility at the games is available to provide emergency service and support.”

Following the Winter Games, the new arsenal of Fujinon lenses will be used to equip HD cameras in the Bexel rental inventory to be used on a wide range of events, from sports to entertainment to reality programming.

About Fujinon

Fujinon is a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the broadcast, digital cinema, and industrial markets. The company’s line of television zoom lenses are used in virtually every segment of the broadcast industry, including electronic newsgathering, studio and field production, and high definition television. For more information about Fujinon broadcast and communications products, call 973-633-5600 or visit our web site at www.fujinon.com/DigitalCinema.

About Bexel

Bexel is the pre-eminent worldwide provider of broadcast services including video and audio equipment rentals, fiber services, new audio sales, used equipment sales, and repairs/maintenance. Bexel provides brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed systems and solutions to all customers – including producers of the biggest and most important televised events in the world. For more information, visit www.bexel.com.


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