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Vizrt to Intro Viz Trio One-Box for Cost-Effective Live 3D Graphics and Animation at NAB 2010

Bergen, Norway, February 25, 2010 Vizrt Ltd. (Oslo Main List: VIZ)

Nowhere is space more precious than on a mobile video unit.  Even the 53-foot expando HDTV trucks are densely packed with gear and extremely crowded at air time.  And many studio control rooms aren’t much roomier.  So one of the most common complaints and requests that manufacturers hear is to pack more firepower into ever smaller boxes. 

As a company that prides itself on responding quickly to customer needs, Vizrt is stepping up with a solution for a critical piece of gear on every live broadcast—the ‘CG,’ or live 3D graphics and animation generator.  At the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters show, from April 10-15, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV, Vizrt (Booth SL5408) will showcase Viz Trio One-Box—the latest version of its Viz Trio realtime 3D graphics and animation system.

As one of the most popular and widely installed live graphics systems in the world, Viz Trio is highly versatile, intuitive, and full featured.  It allows artists and operators to deliver extremely creative and visually complex graphical presentations that enhance live sports, news, and specials.

Viz Trio previously required two standard desktop PCs to operate—one for Trio client and one for its powerful companion renderer Viz Engine.  With Viz Trio One-Box everything, Viz Trio as well as the latest Viz Engine, runs on a single PC with two graphics cards on-board.

“With the new Viz Trio One-Box, the work of two PCs is now being done on one,” explained Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer, Vizrt.  “By consolidating two PCs down to one, we’re saving our customers space.  This solves a critical concern for OB [Outside Broadcast] mobile environments and studios where desk and rack space is at a premium.

Among the graphics frequently created using Viz Trio are score boxes, player statistics, game clocks, maps and charts.  Trio customers often use another companion product, Viz Artist, for sophisticated 3D graphics, animation and template design.  

Viz Trio One-Box will be the standard configuration for all future Viz Trio systems.

Vizrt is a public company traded on the Oslo Main List: VIZ, ISIN: IL0010838154.

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Melrose Community Access Improves On-Air Quality with Broadcast Pix

(Billerica, Massachusetts) February 23, 2010. Broadcast Pix™ announced today that Melrose Massachusetts Television, Inc. (MMTV), the community access station for the City of Melrose, Mass., has installed a Slate 5000 integrated production system as part of an overhaul of its control room.

MMTV installed a Slate 5000 as part of its control room overhaul

According to Chip Potito, production engineer, MMTV was looking at a number of switchers in the same price range as the Slate 5000. However, since the new switcher was going to replace an aging Grass Valley 3000, the station wanted a traditional control panel, not a touch screen interface. The integrated Fluent workflow tools, particularly multi-view and clip store, made the Broadcast Pix an obvious choice. “This one box eliminates so much of our older equipment,” he explained, “and it’s so easy to use and customize.”

With its upgrade to the Slate 5000, MMTV also made the move to an SDI workflow. “That has increased our quality immensely,” Potito said. “The shows look so much better. Now we have broadcast-level quality to match our content.”

MMTV has two studios at its main facility, each equipped with three JVC cameras. (An additional JVC camera is mounted on a jib and shared between the studios.) Programs are produced in SD and broadcast locally by Comcast and Verizon. Access A/V, based in Concord, N.H., was the integrator for the control room upgrade, which was completed during the summer and has been in use since September.

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Fujinon Provides Bexel with 75 New Lenses for Vancouver Winter Games

WAYNE, N.J., February 22, 2010 – Bexel, a unit of the Vitec Group’s Services Division and a worldwide provider of broadcast services and solutions, invested in 75 new Fujinon lenses for coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Lenses including the Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM HD telephoto lens and the HA13x4.5BERM HD wide angle zoom will be used with Panasonic HD camera equipment to provide captivating coverage of the games.

To help capture every aspect of the production assignment, the Fujinon XA101x8.9BESM HD super telephoto field lens will be hooked up with super slo-mo cameras. Bexel’s choices span the product line, including the ultra wide HA13x4.5BERM, the HA42x9.7BERD, XA72x9.3ESM, and HAS18x7.6BMD lenses.

Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERM HD telephoto lens with be used to capture Olympic coverage

These lenses will help capture stunning HD images for many broadcasters at the Winter Games and Bexel already has long-term work scheduled for these lenses after they return from the Vancouver.  

“Fujinon’s high level of service and support, along with the quality and diversity of lenses they offer,  were big factors in our decision to invest  in additional Fujinon lenses for the Winter Games,” said Tom Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer for Bexel. “We’ve been buying Fujinon lenses in recent years and enjoy a solid relationship with them. We’re never disappointed with Fujinon’s high-quality products and optimal service.”

“We are happy with our close relationship with Bexel, that’s been in place for many years,” said Chuck Lee, Technology Manager of Fujinon’s Broadcast and Communications Products Division. “We’re especially proud of this involvement with Bexel at the 2010 Winter Games. We are confident that Bexel’s new lenses will hold in the challenging weather conditions of British Columbia, but if needed, Fujinon’s special repair facility at the games is available to provide emergency service and support.”

Following the Winter Games, the new arsenal of Fujinon lenses will be used to equip HD cameras in the Bexel rental inventory to be used on a wide range of events, from sports to entertainment to reality programming.

About Fujinon

Fujinon is a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the broadcast, digital cinema, and industrial markets. The company’s line of television zoom lenses are used in virtually every segment of the broadcast industry, including electronic newsgathering, studio and field production, and high definition television. For more information about Fujinon broadcast and communications products, call 973-633-5600 or visit our web site at

About Bexel

Bexel is the pre-eminent worldwide provider of broadcast services including video and audio equipment rentals, fiber services, new audio sales, used equipment sales, and repairs/maintenance. Bexel provides brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed systems and solutions to all customers – including producers of the biggest and most important televised events in the world. For more information, visit

Barix Audio over IP Equipment Lowers Cost of Premium Audio Distribution for Kerasotes Digital Cinema Locations

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, February 22, 2010 — Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom, control, and monitoring, announces that Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres is now using Barix Audio over IP equipment at the core of its audio distribution and playback architecture for two of its premium digital cinema locations.

Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres is the sixth largest motion picture exhibitor in the United States, operating 96 theaters with 973 screens in 10 states.  The company has launched an Audio over IP service at its ShowPlace ICON Theatres in Chicago and St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  The service distributes ambient music to its theaters and a more upbeat program to its Lobby Lounge areas featuring fresh food service and fully stocked bars.

Barix Exstreamer 100 decoding devices in the various theaters and Lobby Lounge areas receive and decode the streams

“We were seeking a way to entertain our premium-price ticket buyers without tying in a barrage of advertising,” said Andy Gift, Director of Theatre Technology at Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres.  “The Barix equipment allowed us to tie licensed Muzak streams from the Internet to our Dolby processing system via IP.  The design of the Barix devices saved us $3,000-to$4,000 on wiring and other component costs, and the installation was a matter of hours as opposed to the two or three days required to run wire for a legacy audio system.”

The Barix Audio over IP equipment provides the audio encoding and decoding elements.  Two Barix Instreamer 100 encoders accept the Muzak streams from the web and encode them to mp3 at 192K for premium audio quality.  One Instreamer passes Channel A to the Dolby theaters, and the second passes the Channel B stream to the Lobby Lounge.  Barix Exstreamer 100 decoding devices in the various theaters and Lobby Lounge areas receive and decode the streams before passing them through to the Dolby processing system for sweetening.  The streams eventually pass through QSC amplifiers before playing out over the loudspeakers. 

According to Gift, the Audio over IP system integrates seamlessly with his digital projection system to further reduce costs and enhance cinema operations.

“There has always been a need to use separate projectors and systems for movies and advertising, and that separation creates overhead for the theaters due to extra equipment investments,” said Gift.  “As we move toward digital cinema, my focus is to play everything through one system and use IP technology to get there.  Much of the industry is still in the serial age using open/close technology.  We’re trying to get away from that and go all-digital because it allows us to automate 90 percent of our projects and not require as much staff to operate the equipment.  That IP connectivity also enables remote access to adjust volume and other settings.”

Gift said that the Barix equipment and the support they received from his Barix sales representative allowed him to achieve his vision that much faster.  DataNab, an IP systems programmer and Barix reseller based in Burnsville, Minnesota, served as the sales representative for this project.

“I picked up the devices and we were online in four hours,” he said.  “It would have been a lot more complex and expensive had we gone with a satellite delivery system.  The expenses for traditional receiver technology, speaker wire and other elements would have been much higher.”

All Barix products are inexpensive, low-power devices that are scalable to the growth of the operation; offer reliability through a PC-FREE design with no moving parts; and serve as a flexible platform for integration into virtually any operation requiring audio transport and delivery.   Barix also offers its programmable BCL standard open to all customers to easily tailor applications for specific needs.  Local control, audio relay, and low-latency streaming are a few examples of custom programs using Barix’s BCL software environment. 

About Barix AG (

Barix AG, headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, specializes in research and development of state of the art IP based communication and control technology. Barix products are stand-alone and able to remotely connect worldwide over standard networks / Internet offering new and improved solutions to the professional audio distribution, communication and automation industries. Barix products provide solutions in audio over IP (audio distribution and monitoring, communication, security) and automation (remote control, monitoring and maintenance).


SEATAC, WA, February 18, 2010 – Premier systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) today announced it is an official Gold sponsor of the 64th Broadcast Engineering Conference at the 2010 NAB Show, which runs April 10-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

“The Broadcast Engineering Conference remains one of the most important educational and networking events at NAB,” said Mark Siegel, President of ABS. “It’s an opportunity for engineers and other media professionals to stay current with the technology and trends affecting our industry. We are proud to serve as a Gold sponsor this year.”

Produced by the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Broadcast Engineering Conference will cover a number of topics, including mobile DTV, television workflow and file management, new technologies, and more. A complete conference schedule is available at

About Advanced Broadcast Solutions:

Based in SeaTac, WA, Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) specializes in personalized broadcast services such as consulting, project budgeting, workflow analysis, feasibility studies, project management, system and architectural design and engineering, equipment specifying, procurement and installation, maintenance support and training. ABS boasts a technical staff with over a century of practical experience in television operations, automation, traffic implementation, multiple program stream management and signal distribution by fiber, microwave and satellite. ABS clients include: Fisher Communications, Cowles California Media, Real Networks, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft Studios.

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Broadcast Pix Unveils Slate V8

Enhanced Workflow Software for Slate Video Production Systems, Plus Control of ViewCast Streamers and Telemetrics Systems

(Billerica, Massachusetts) February 16, 2010. Broadcast Pix™ today announced Version 8 software for its Slate™ live video production systems. V8 features a powerful and efficient new user interface, plus enhancements to its Fluent™ Multi-View, Clip Store and Macros workflow tools. New options extend Slate’s control to ViewCast streamers and Telemetrics camera control systems. V8 will also run on upcoming Broadcast Pix 3G systems and so enable a smooth transition to a 1080p future. Broadcast Pix will demonstrate V8 at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth N4506).

Broadcast Pix will demostrate Slate V8 in Las Vegas at NAB in April

“Slate V8 is all about giving Broadcast Pix customers more,” said Ken Swanton, President, Broadcast Pix. “We’ve improved our Fluent workflow tools to make it easier than ever to produce compelling live video cost effectively. Plus, we’ve partnered with Telemetrics and ViewCast to make Slate V8 the most versatile and powerful live video production system on the market.”

Slate’s Fluent Multi-View, which goes beyond conventional multi-views by including monitors of files and keys, has an updated look that is easier to read and customize. Any element can now be resized, colors can be changed for window borders and backgrounds, and new alignment tools make it easy to optimize across as many as four monitors. A new scaling feature increases the size of on-screen text when displayed on a large wall monitor. New streamlined menus make setup faster than ever.

 “We consider the Broadcast Pix product to be an impressive and efficient production tool,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics. “We are also excited about the capability Telemetrics robotics adds to the system in more critical robotics applications where additional performance and features are desired. We believe the cost savings to the customer will be substantial.”

According to Dave Stoner, President and CEO of ViewCast, “The combined capabilities of Broadcast Pix and ViewCast create a very compelling solution for producing and delivering live video to the Web and mobile devices. Broadcast Pix has taken advantage of ViewCast’s Web services management platform to deliver an integrated solution for our mutual customers, enabling them to automate content encoding in the wide variety of formats supported by our Niagara encoding appliances.”

V8 is a free upgrade for all Slate systems. Beta versions will be available for download from the Broadcast Pix Web site in March, and the release version will be available for download in April.

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SEATAC, WA, February 16, 2010 – Premier systems integration firm Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) will open its doors on Thursday, March 11, 2010, for the ABS Big Event. A unique combination of conference and open house, the ABS Big Event runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will feature nine educational sessions scheduled throughout the day.

The morning program starts with a session on building electronic communication models for worship environments hosted by Dennis Cummins, Senior Pastor at Experience Another session will explore 3D production, sponsored by Orad. Omneon will lead a late morning session on tapeless workflow, while Panasonic and Tom Layson, ABS Content Creation Advisor (and broadcast news veteran), will discuss “one-man band” field production.

In the afternoon, Mark Miller, ABS Sales and Design Specialist, will explore event and venue sound during a session sponsored by Electro-Voice, while Clear-Com will discuss wireless audio technology. Later, Evertz will examine fiber optic infrastructures and ViewCast will discuss video streaming. The educational sessions conclude with “Preparing for Tomorrow,” a panel discussion featuring industry leaders from ABS, Harris Corporation, Cowles California Media, and Seattle CW affiliate KSTW that will discuss the state of the broadcast industry and strategies for success in the future.

“You can call it an open house, since this will be the first time many people get the chance to tour our new facility in SeaTac,” said Mark Siegel, President of ABS. “And with a three-hour happy hour to end the day, it’s definitely a party. But the ABS Big Event is also an opportunity for ABS to provide valuable information to video professionals on a variety of important topics.”

Lunch will be provided, but attendees are required to RSVP. Happy hour will begin at 4 p.m. and feature tours of the ABS facility. For a complete list of activities, and to RSVP for the ABS Big Event, please visit

About Advanced Broadcast Solutions:

Based in SeaTac, WA, Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS) specializes in personalized broadcast services such as consulting, project budgeting, workflow analysis, feasibility studies, project management, system and architectural design and engineering, equipment specifying, procurement and installation, maintenance support and training. ABS boasts a technical staff with over a century of practical experience in television operations, automation, traffic implementation, multiple program stream management and signal distribution by fiber, microwave and satellite. ABS clients include: Fisher Communications, Cowles California Media, Real Networks, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft Studios.

For more information about ABS, call 206-870-0244 or visit our Web site at